Welcome to JAG Media

JAGMedia is a New Zealand-owned media relations service. Director Venetia Sherson has more than 40 years’ experience as a journalist, newspaper editor and management trainer. The people who work for JAGMedia have skills across all media – print, radio, television and social media.

We know the secrets of the media and the way journalists work. You need to know them, too, for those inevitable times of crises or when you simply want to be an effective communicator for yourself, your business or organisation.

If you're in business large or small, if you're in a Government department or education, health or the not-for-profit sector, you need to understand how to make better use of the news media. We can show you how.

We can also help you understand the changes occurring in the media as traditional media organisations turn to social media channels to find information, sources and new audiences.

We'll help you understand:

  • what makes news
  • what journalists want from an interview
  • how to get your point across effectively to the media
  • how to keep yourself safe, and much, much more

Test your knowledge of the media here.